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Digital disruption changing industries and governments

The trouble with digital disruption is that you can’t see it coming. Every new technology brings entirely unexpected and unpredicted […]

All the news from Discover

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover event in Las Vegas showcased new software and hardware products, new customers as well as the […]

DevOps and accelerating application lifecycles

Enterprise software used to be divided between operations and development departments. The two regarded each other if not as enemies […]

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London Technology Week supports wider recruitment

The end of last month saw London welcome hundreds of technology entrepreneurs to a week-long celebration of digital industries. Mayor […]


Wireless cars need wireless security

As more and more manufacturers begin to add communication and internet technology to their devices so the need for different […]


Data Driven Business

The Internet of Things might sound like a bold new catchphrase but in fact the idea of connecting objects to […]


Leicester City have already won

Here’s a secret – the Premier League isn’t over yet but the winner has already been decided. Almost all observers […]


Keeping Clouds Safe

Worries about security are a big barrier to wider use of cloud technology. But a properly run cloud strategy – […]


Super Bowl required Super Wi-Fi

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl scored the third largest TV audience in history tuning in for the game. But it also […]


HPE Security Research Cyber Risk Report 2016

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