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New ways to collaborate with ‘The Cube’

A lot of the noise around Internet of Things technology focusses on how the technology can help in manufacturing, transport, […]

Digital protection against the growing threat of cyber-attack

Security is no longer a box ticking exercise where businesses would rely upon an anti-virus product, a firewall, a patching […]

Software development and being agile about agility

Today’s types of software development, broadly known as ‘agile’, require changes to how traditional corporations are structured but they also […]

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Digital disruption and the innovator’s dilemma

Digital disruption or disruptive innovation is a term coined by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen to describe the changes we see […]


Digital detox or how to take an email holiday

Ofcom’s annual research into UK communication trends revealed that a growing number of people are choosing to take ‘time outs’ […]


Security as a business differentiator

IT security is no longer just an added extra for business. The costs of failure are so high, and consumer […]


London Technology Week supports wider recruitment

The end of last month saw London welcome hundreds of technology entrepreneurs to a week-long celebration of digital industries. Mayor […]


Wireless cars need wireless security

As more and more manufacturers begin to add communication and internet technology to their devices so the need for different […]


Data Driven Business

The Internet of Things might sound like a bold new catchphrase but in fact the idea of connecting objects to […]


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